APTERYX_ coloured in with colors yellow, lime, and blue

The Diary

A collection of Marvel's favourite journal entries.


Today, I went to a fancy restaurant. While I was eating, I felt something tap my shoulder. I ignored it. Tap tap. I felt it again. I turned around to face it, and there was a little creature behind me. It stood on two legs, but had dusty purple feathers, and fox-like ears. Ahh I thought, This must be a Farlyk. As you would do when encountering a Farlyk, I fed it some of my food. When it was time to leave, I turned around to say goodbye to the little creature. But to my surprise, they were gone and instead there sat a tiny bottle on my shoulder, with the words "thank you" on a ripped off bit of napkin attached to it. I've never heard of Farlyks leaving gifts before. In fact, they usally cause trouble. Very strange indeed. Now to figure out the what liquid in the bottle is for. I suppose this shows, that even in the most mundane of everyday actions, we find magic among us. Next time things seem normal, too normal, look around. The unusual stands out more.