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Here you will find instructions on various topics.

How to befriend a ghost

  1. Waring. Be careful what you say. A ghost is always listening.
  2. Keep in mind not to talk about the past. A ghost may become violent if they remember their death.
  3. Definitely don't talk about death.
  4. State your name. But not your real one. Yet.
  5. Then, say the ghost's name. Tell the ghost you would like to talk to them.
  6. Most likely the ghost will not answer straight away. Leave the ghost a gift popular from around the time period they lived in.
  7. If you do not know the ghost's name for step 5, do not attempt this until you have.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 6 everyday, in the same place. You will know when to move onto the next steps.
  9. Now, you can figure out what kind of ghost this is. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
  10. If they are a type 4 ghost. Stop. If they are type 5. Leave the area immediately and never return. You are not safe.
  11. Otherwise, you can now reveal your real name. Not to be confused with your true name. Never reveal that to anything.
  12. Failure to do the last step will result in an angry ghost once they realise you continued to lie about your name. You do not want that.